Our Staff

C01_0735 (21)Shaundra Shaw

Shaundra Shaw is an energy auditor for the state of Tennessee and business owner in West Tennessee. Education: BA, Tennessee State University, Master’s Degree of Biological Science at University of Missouri Graduate School of Biological Sciences.

Her passion has always been to help others. As a former cancer researcher at St. Jude Shaundra has had a passion and desire for help children grow. Giving children a second chance at life is very rewarding. Opening a childcare facility has been a dream of hers for the past few years. Disparity continues to grow in the City of Memphis and its surrounding area. As our elected officials continue to cut funding for pre-k programs and other early childhood education our children are suffering and continue to test lower than our national average. A Better Choice childcare facility will provide children with a first class education.


Mahogany Logan

Mahogany Logan, who is a native of Chicago, IL, has a BA in Accounting and Business Management from LeMoyne-Owen College. She has spent 10+ years in Corporate Accounting, Tax and Audit and Consulting.

She too has a strong passion for helping children. Being a part of the daycare is a dream come true as she seeks to help bring the centers’ vision into a reality. Her goal is to make sure each parent and child walks away each day with a great experience. She hopes to make a life-altering difference in the lives of the children by providing them with the best education, ensuring that each child succeeds in school and beyond.

Mahogany has two children, ages 9 and 13.